Inner Thoughts from Yours Truly :)

Hey all! it's been a WHILE since I've written here! I've been more on the YouTube platform lately, but I wanted to do a little snippet of my mind for you guys for the #24daysofATG2F! Enjoy!

I seem to have lately gone day to day in this whirlwind of distraction. I'm not talking about distraction as in the idea of "your phone is a distraction", but in the sense of I feel like I've been floating through life. I'm not sure if it's because of the fact that I've been so busy, or the fact that I've been overwhelmed, or the fact that this is my first year of High School, and it is a huge leap! I've been thinking a lot lately, specifically during lunch. I used to love lunch and the social aspect of it, but now I just see it as an amount of time that I could be using for something else. It may be from the fact that I've been drifting a bit from a former group of friends, or that I'm trying to figure out how i fit in this world like every other teenager. I'm not sure. It's just hard, and it all makes my brain tired. Everyone finds their activities, and when those activities take all your life, it is hard to see the friends that you had through middle school slowly drift away and find new friends that they talk to even more. i hate all of this, this idea of everyone separating and going their own way. In my brain I love it because everyone is developing how they function as a human on their own, as I'm figuring out right now, but I can't help but want to have the best friends I've always had, and this idea of togetherness. I don't know. I was hoping that I could just skip this stage of life, where I can just go right into knowing how to deal with friendships, but ultimately I can't do that. I can't skip four years of my life, though sometimes I really want to. Sometimes I really just want to be on my own and not have to deal with this stuff. It's all a big mess. This all could be what influences my constant floatiness feeling from day to day, i'm not sure. For all I know, it could just be lack of sleep.

I have also found that this year I feel so much more insecure about the way that I am. It's not about my body type, as I'm short but also have curves. that's a whole different pool of insecurities that I'm slowly but surely coming to terms with. This type of insecurity is a type of insecurity that deals with my personality. For those who don't know me, I'm a very loud, outgoing, positive person obsessed with all things British, Star Wars, Harry Potter, music, art, and food. I have interest in tons of stuff, and it's definitely not mainstream and the way everyone else is. with that being said, I find that I feel that anyone who is "above" me in the "social classes" won't want to every talk to me, though they really so. It's just this idea that they're only talking to me because they have to, or not taking my points seriously since I'm a "naive freshman". Maybe I am, I don't know, but I  just can't get over the feeling that no one wants to talk to me and that everyone does out of obligation and pity. I also have the fear that I come off as annoying and obnoxious because of how outgoing and loud I am, so I find myself thinking about how I'm going to phrase my words too much and apologizing for the moments when I'm being "weird" or just being my random, quirky self. With this all being said, I find myself shutting down and not talking to anyone out of the fear of being judged. And in the long run, does it really matter? no. Should I be thinking about this as much as I am? no. Am i being ridiculous? kinda. And i know that every teenager feels this way, but I feel like I put on this mask everyday i get to school. I'm still being myself, but it's this idea of not truly experiencing things and watching the days go by while I feel like I haven't moved an inch. I don't know. I could be making this more dramatic then this has to be.

Sometimes I just find it hard to be honest about my feelings and how I really go through life. Do any of you guys feel this way? Feel free to let me know via the comment section or DMs on Twitter or Instagram. For all I know this could just be me! Also, do you guys like this more open set up, where I share a lot about the way I feel? please let me know! ;)

Your friendly neighborhood food critic,



East Coast Frozen Custard

Yo Foodies!  I went to East Coast Frozen Custard and got their daily special, Salted Caramel.  I have tried the salted caramel ice cream from Mitchell's, but personally the frozen custard tastes better.  It was thick and creamy.  The ratio of salt to caramel was just right!  It melted in my mouth, and tasted like heaven!  The service at the  shop was very good, and the staff were very nice.  The interior of the shop was clean and decorated nicely.  I wasn't a fan of how they only have a few select flavors to choose from, but they did have many toppings that can be added to make all the flavors taste even better.  I'd rate this a 9/10! Probably some of the best frozen custard I've had.


5 Essential Summer Desserts

Yo Foodies!  Since summer is coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post all about the 5 Essential Summer Desserts.  Be sure to tell me in the comments some of your favorite summer foods/desserts. Enjoy!

1. Popsicles

Popsicles are some of the most refreshing summer foods ever!  They are easily store bought and can be homemade.  Some of my favorite popsicles are the Outshine popsicles.  They are extremely juicy and sweet, and they aren't made with chemicals and artificial flavoring.  I also like Creamies which I have only found in Utah. They are the perfect combination of ice cream and popsicle and they melt in your mouth. I like every flavor: orange, banana, and chocolate.  If you ever stumble upon a Creamie, you better try one.

2. Smoothies

Smoothies are amazing! The good thing about smoothies is that they can be made with juice or milk and virtually any fresh fruit or veggie which gives room for tons of options.  Having such a variety of options for smoothies makes them super easy to make for any meal.  My personal favorite is when I use juice as the base of my smoothie because it gives the smoothie more flavor.

3. Ice Cream

People say that dogs are a man/woman's best friend, but personally, I think it's ice cream.  Ice cream can make life so much happier any time that it is around.  Mostly everyone likes ice cream (except lactose intolerant people), and it is very refreshing.  There is such a wide variety of flavors, and that helps people be adventurous with their taste buds.  I personally always love to take a little risk with my food, and ice cream is a perfect opportunity.  

4. Lemonade

Lemonade is perfect for almost everyone. It is refreshing (I'm starting to see a trend), sweet, and sour.  It introduces economics to kids when they want to have a lemonade stand, which always is a good thing.  I enjoy lemonade more when it is made from fresh lemons, but the powder kind that is sold at grocery stores is also pretty delicious and easy to make. 

5. Fruit

Fruit is one of the most popular choices for a snack during the summer.  Fruit is always healthy, it tastes good, and summer is the time when it is in season.  One of the most popular choices is watermelon.  I'd say watermelon is summer's mascot.  It's very sweet and light.  The lightness proves to be a very good snack if you're not going for something too heavy on the belly.  I am a big fan of fruit, and fruit helps us make other yummy things, like smoothies and desserts.

Comment below some of your favorite summer desserts/foods...I'm always excited to try new things!








The Mother Daughter Book Club


This review contains spoilers from the book.  If you have read this book already, continue reading.  I you haven't,  READ THE BOOK FIRST!

In honor of the new book coming out on May 3rd, I decided it would be a good idea to review this so that more people will go and read the series.  It is amazing!  If you have read this book, I would like to chat about the books in the comments below.

Now, onto the book!

This book is now one of my favorites! I think That Ms. Fredrick introduced the characters very well.  I really liked that from the start it was so easy to empathize with the characters, and how they were all so real.  I have found very many Emmas and Cassidys  at my school.

Let's discus Becca Chadwick.  I think she is a total BRAT! She is so mean to the whole mother daughter book club, and her mother isn't any different.  Calliope Chadwick is just as mean and cruel as Becca is.  They believe that they rule the town (or in Becca's case, Walden Middle School), and they have no right!  No one deserves to be treated the way that Becca and Mrs. Chadwick treat everyone else.  Leave your opinion on The Chadwicks so that we can have a long conversation about them.

Now, I am also very upset that Becca Chadwick and the Fab Four ruined opening night for Jess!  I got really frustrated when that happened.  The whole time, Jess is doing nothing to them what-so-ever, and then the Fab Four  come out of no where and just take Sundance, who is injured mind you, and put her out on there stage in the middle of the show like it is nobody's business.

I got really exited when the mother daughter book club went on a trip to NYC.  It was so fun to read how everyone got dressed up and they all had a great time, even Cassidy, who is a MAJOR tom-boy and hates getting dressed up.  I loved that Mrs. Delaney let them all have a turn getting their makeup, hair, and outfits done professionally on the set of Heart Beats.  They all had such a good time, and I thought is was really funny that they encountered Becca and her family going to Cleveland.  I got really exited about that part, because, well duh.  I live in Cleveland.  I thought it was funny that the moms int the book club said that Cleveland is very educational, which is true, but it is still tons of fun.  I also thought it was funny that they dissed Cleveland by saying it was educational instead of sun.  Hello, we have the Cavs, and Playhouse Square, and some of the best things to do in a day, like museums and parks and good WiFi. 

I'm really glad that by the end of the book, the mother daughter book club is  a group of friends, not enemies.  IT was rocky at the beginning, but they made it work, and there were more books after.  That means they have to stay friends, right?  I'm just glad that they all put their differences behind them and became friends.  Except Becca.  She's still a jerk.

I'll rate this book an 8/10, because I've read the other book and some of them are better.  Not to say this one wasn't good.  I still love it to pieces. ;)





The Seventh Most Important Thing

This review contains spoilers.  If you have read the ooh, keep reading.  If not,  CLICK AWAY!

Yo Foodies!  Today I have decided to kick off the whole book review theme with The Seventh Most Important Thing by "Shelly Pearsall".  Ms. Pearsall released this book in early September of last year.  I had to read this book school, but it wasn't boring like Animal Farm by "George Orwell" or Tom Sawyer by "Mark Twain (These are both required books for the seventh grade Advanced English curriculum).  My language arts teacher really likes Ms. Pearsall's books and thought it would be a good idea for us to take a look at one, since Ms. Pearsall is coming to visit our school later in the school year.  I thought it was very interesting and I thought it would be a really magnificent book to start off this little series of posts.  

I thought this book had a very good plot.  It had interesting characters that helped move the story along.  The characters also added depth to the plot.  One of the reasons why I really liked it was because it had a very modern feel, even though it took place in the '60s.  The style of writing is very intelligent, and I love how the plot is very real.  The character of Mr. Hampton was also interesting,  and he was a very spiritual person.  It was based off a real man, but I can tell there are some elements of fiction.  The way that he describes his masterpiece to be The Throne of Third Heaven was eye opening.  He also had a very optimistic personality and he really turned everything into something better.  Mr. Hampton said that Arthur throwing a brick at him was saving him, and I know that I wouldn't have said that if someone injured me.

I really loved this book.  I would rate it an 8/10.  There are better books, but this one was very good and "spiritual" in a sense.  Definitely better than all over the other books I had to read for school.




Cleveland Art Museum Cookies!

Yo foodies!! I went with my friend to the art museum over spring break, and we went to see the new Pharaoh exhibit.  Afterwards, we bought chocolate chip cookies from the bakery.

The cookies were AMAZING! The outside was crispy and perfect.  The middle was doughy and light.  The chocolate chips were really creamy and they were a perfect flavor of semi-sweet chocolate.  They didn't cost too much money, and therefore I highly suggest them.

I give this a 9/10 because macarons are still my favorite dessert.

Also, comment below what you want me to do with this blog! I really want to start making this a little more interactive so that I can start doing stuff that you guys want me to of.




St. Louis Style Strawberry Shortcake

I put my desert in a bowl 

Wassup!  My aunt and her boys came to visit us.  We decided one night to have a nice dessert.  Since my aunt and cousins were visiting from St. Louis, Missouri, we decided to have Strawberry shortcake, St. Louis style!

The first lovely thing in Strawberry Shortcake is either Angel Food Cake or Pound Cake.  We decided to use Angel Food Cake, but I thought that it was a little too sweet.  I would have preferred to use Pound Cake, but both are very good.

The next thing in Strawberry Shortcake is sour cream.  You're probably thinking "Ew! That's disgusting!  Why would anyone do that?"  That's what I thought.  The sour cream is very good mixed with all of the other sweet ingredients.  It kind of counter acts all the sweet and makes it a little savory, which is always a good thing.

Third, I usually put some brown sugar, to make sure that there isn't to much savory, because this is still a dessert.

Last, I top the whole thing off with one more layer os sour cream, some whipped cream to cover up the sour cream, sliced or diced strawberries, and some brown sugar sprinkled on the top to finish it all off.

I really liked this desert.  Its really easy to make because you don't have to cook anything, unless you feel like making Angle Food Cake or Pound Cake, which is totally cool!  I'm going to rate this desert a 9/10, because I have tried other things that have tasted better!

Don't forget to comment below any new things you want to see me do with my blog!  You're opinion is what I care about, because these posts are for you, my viewers.